What's the idea?

Strategic Info for Industry Movers

Currently there is no info platform on where to gather extensive information on infrastructure and construction projects, planned, on-going and in the pipe-line. The country’s main industry stakeholders from government and private sectors are joining forces for the benefit of Build, Build, Build!

What to find?

Contributing Platform and Meeting Space

On this online group's info platform members can obtain detailed information on the country's infrastructure and construction projects, be it government funded, ODA or PPP Projects. With the involvement of LGU's potential new projects can be streamlined for potential PPP and proponents and partners can be found.

What to expect?

Benefits, Advantages, Opportunities

  • Access to the valuable network of founding member organizations
  • Involvement to the key-players of the industry
  • Monthly newsletter of Philippine infra-construction updates
  • Access to the ICFG online platform for free and on-demand project information, news, updates, special requests
  • Meet potential clients, project proponents, suppliers, contractors, consultants, engineers, architects, LGU’s, financing institutions.



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